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Mykonos / Greece



The club is in the glamour island of Mykonos , very famouse for the night life and rich tourists. Mykonos is part of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. The island is known for its summer party atmosphere. On beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise, there are numerous bars from which loud music can be heard. In huge discotheques, world-famous DJs play music until the early hours of the morning.

Club type:

Table Dance Club

Club opening hours:

The club is open from May till September

Open from 22.00h until 06.00h.

Open every day, girls have one day off.

Stage show only topless 5/6 times night.


The Club offers accommodation in a hotel complex near to the club , 70,- € per week.

2 dancers per room, wifi, kitchen to share.

small pet is possible if the roommate accepts.

market, swimming-pool, Gym, bakery 200 meters.

beach is 15 min. away by walk from club.


Travel costs must be paid by the show artist (flight, train, bus).

The transport from/to the airport/station is provided by the club.

Dress Code:

No special requirements, sexy outfits and elegant

(Evening dresses, High Heels, Corset, Hotpants, Bikini)

Minimum 4 different outfits, 1 outfit per performance day is sufficient.

Requirements for the dancer:

- Minimum 18 years old

- Pleasant and well-groomed appearance

- Languages English or Greek

- communicative and friendly

- well trained body


The dancer has salary 60€/day ..

insurance incluid

The Salary and commissions are payed in morning..

Commissions for the Drinks: Dancer get 30%

Simple drink is 20,- € girl wins 6,- €

The Cocktail is 50,- € girl wins 15,- €


Bottles min. 220,- € girl take 54,- €

Bottles Moet 280,- € girl take 60,- €

Dom Perignon 580,- € girl take 90,- €

Commissions for the dances: Dancer get 30%

Table Dance (only one song outside coustemer) 20,- € - girl wins 6,- €

Private Dance (3 songs) 50,- € girl wins 15,- €

Private Dance 100,- € gir win 30,- €

Additional information:

Minimum contract 1 month

Only EU citizen it cost 50,- € but if dancer already have greek documents no need pay.

Passport/ ID.

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