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Genève / Switzerland



Geneva is the capital of the Geneva region. It is one of the largest cities in Switzerland with about 200,000 inhabitants. It is a very important political and economic center. It is the center of the United Nations and the Red Cross. It is also a banking center. All these circumstances make Geneva a great place to work for dancers who are in business all year round.

The Club:

Founded more than 45 years ago in the heart of Geneva, the VELVET Club has a rich history that has built its reputation. This place has a special soul that belongs to those who pass through time. Incomparable artists, a unique atmosphere and a space architecture that preserves the well-being and confidentiality of guests.

Club opening hours:

Daily 21:00 - 05:00


Located in the club and costs 850 CHF per month. 1 - 2 girls in one room.


Travel costs must be paid by the show artist (flight, train, bus).

Dress Code:

No special requirements, sexy outfits,

(high heels, corset, hot pants, bikini, etc.)

Minimum 5 different outfits, 1 outfit per performance day is sufficient.

Requirement for the dancer:

- Minimum 18 years old

- Pleasant and well-groomed appearance

- Languages German or English

- communicative and friendly

- well trained body


Monthly salary is 2200 CHF

No dollars, tips yes

Champagne commission:

if consumption is less than 15000 CHF per month = 8%

over 15000 CHF = 10%

over 25000 CHF = 13%

Private Dance 50%

Additional information:

Topless dancing on stage.

Dancers work as self-employed and should be insured.

If not, the club can help to get one.

Length of contract:

Depending on the agreement

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