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Leipzig / Germany


Leipzig is the most populous city in Saxony and the tenth largest city in Germany. Leipzig was once one of the most important European centers for education and culture. Today Leipzig is an economic center, the most livable city in Germany, and has the second best future prospects of any city in Germany.

Club opening hours:
Tuesday through Saturday 21:00 - 5:00

Overnight stay:
At the club, cost 10,- € per day, 2-3 girls for a room.

Tuesday and Wednesday there is 25,- € guarantee.
For the dancer is 50,- € from a private dance
Champagne commission is 20%
From a dollar is 0,50 € for the dancer

Dress Code:
No special requirements, sexy outfits,
(high heels, corset, hotpants, bikini, etc.)
Minimum 5 different outfits, 1 outfit per performance day is enough.

Requirement for the dancer:
- Minimum 18 years old
- Pleasant and well-groomed appearance
- Languages German or English
- communicative and friendly

Further information:
The dancer works as a self-employed show artist.
Every dancer should have a trade license and tax number as well as accident and health insurance.

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