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Mayrhofen / Austria


Mayrhofen is a market town with 3840 inhabitants in the Zillertal valley in Tyrol (Austria). Mayrhofen is known today as a winter sports resort for alpine skiing.
Winter-, summer- and congress tourism provides about 1.3 million overnight stays annually and makes Mayrhofen the second strongest tourist resort in Tyrol. Mayrhofen is home to the Ski Zillertal 3000 winter sports area, which is connected to a corresponding infrastructure in the commercial, trade and service sectors. Since the 1960s, Mayrhofen has developed into a lively winter sports region with pubs, bars and après-ski aimed primarily at young adults. Mayrhofen now has 35 hotels and numerous guesthouses, vacation apartments and apartment buildings, as well as several restaurants and pubs.

Club opening hours:
7 days a week from 20:00 - 3:00

The club has 2 apartments, one located directly in Mayrhofen, and the second in the neighboring community of Zell am Ziller. All infrastructure is available there, be it grocery stores, banks, hairdressers or solariums, etc.
The dancers are brought to and from work free of charge by the house cab.

Generally 2 bed room
Washing machine

Travel expenses must be paid by the show artist (flight, train, bus).

Dress Code:
No special requirements, sexy outfits,
(high heels, corset, hotpants, bikini, etc.)
Minimum 5 different outfits, 1 outfit per performance day is sufficient.

Dancer requirement:

- Minimum 18 years old,
- pleasant and well-groomed appearance
- Languages German or English
- communicative and friendly

Additional information:
The dancer does not work on a self-employed basis.
Each dancer works in an employment relationship with accident, health and pension insurance.
Each dancer receives an Austrian insurance card (e-card) from the Cub.
With this card one is fully covered by social insurance in Austria.

Club Info:
Bunny`s is the only table dance club in Mayrhofen.
There are 10-13 dancers working.
Only topless on stage.

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